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Secret Mapping exhibition at Memento Park Budapest

AI projection mapping in the framework of Sexret Mapping exhibition. COLLOC and Matyas Kalman was the creator of a 7 minutes long animation that was created using AI technology.

The projection unravels visualizations of themes and phenomena that have cast haunting shadows over the decades of socialism. Through a remarkable collaboration with AI, a mesmerizing projection comes to life, evoking the enigmatic presence of the Iron Curtain. Bloodstains and bullet imprints, reminiscent of the poignant events of 1956, intertwine with the distinctive patterns of panel buildings, iconic symbols of that era. Emotions and motifs emerge, stirring a sense of familiarity within those who witnessed the winds of change after the regime's fall. This artwork encapsulates the essence of an era, encompassing both the weight of history and the shared experiences of a post-transitional generation.

Creators / Concept: Daniel BESNYŐ, Gabor SZŰCS, David MARUSCSÁK, David GÁLICZ, Mátyás Kálmán

Photos: Bertalan SOOS

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